A 3500 word workbook for any service-based or e-commerce business, blogger or anyone who wants to learn how to increase their site's organic visibility in search-engine results.


If you want to be able to tackle your own on-site SEO, or just feel confident talking to a web developer about your online business – It will give you a mix of practical tips, no-nonsense knowledge and step-by-step guides to optimising your blog posts, increasing conversion rates and more.


Topics include:


  • Definitions – let’s sort our SEO from our PPC, SERPS, CTR and UX with a layman’s terms glossary.
  • What is SEO?! And why is it important for any online business?
  • Keywords – how to find yours. Create a strategy for your business that will help you find your niche online.
  • Beyond Keywords – what is Google looking for in a website?
  • Analytics – what do I need to be analysing and tracking when it comes to SEO?
  • Step-by-step guide to optimise your content – make your blog posts work harder for you and learn all the elements that go towards optimising your content (clue: it’s not just keywords!).
  • UX – so you’ve got more traffic – how do you make them stay and ultimately buy from you? Improve your conversion rate with these top tips.




After purchase the workbook is immediately available as a downloadable word document.

Beginners' SEO workbook