This 20-page workbook will take participants’ business plans from concept to launch. Full of creative exercises, it will demonstrate how a strong brand identity can help you attract your target audience, build engagement and drive sales.


We will work through each step of the branding journey I take my clients on, with practical exercises and working examples so you can apply what you learn to your business.


We will cover the 3 steps to creating a well-defined, cohesive brand, including:


  • How to create a brand identity that accurately conveys your brand values and ethos.
  • How to find and define your target audience.
  • Brainstorming of brand visual assets – what do you need beyond your logo to create a cohesive brand? Including colour psychology, typography and taglines. How can each aspect add value to your branding?



After purchase the workbook is immediately available as a downloadable word document.

How to build a brand workbook