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Whether you're a start-up or established business -  I can offer experienced, creative input to help your brand build a stronger online identity and increase customer engagement. From concept to launch, I consult with brands at every stage of the process. I also work with businesses on their product development across the luxury lifestyle sector.

Brand Styling
Product development
Brand strategy

Concept-launch project management



With 14-years' experience in print and digital content at editor level, I can add professional polish to your business' communications; ensuring you engage your customers more creatively and effectively - across a range of multi-media.
I bring together a talented creative team who work with businesses small and large to bring their brand story to life.







Let me and my team help you communicate with your customer base more intuitively and effectively both online and offine. Creating a strategic and creative marketing plan to help grow your audience and increase sales. From on-site SEO, to full social media management - we can create a bespoke marketing plan that works for you and your business.


Email marketing

Social Media
E-commerce UX




As part of the business plan I mapped out when launching my own consultancy was the desire to work with start-ups and small, independent brands. Many brands at this stage in their growth can’t afford a full-time marketing manager but it is exactly at this point that they need that skill set most. This is where I come in. I can work on quarterly, or monthly strategy days – taking an overview of your brand direction, workflow and ensuring all activity across the business is symbiotic and strategized to maximize sales and business growth. Sometimes, especially with small teams, it helps to have a 3rd party involved with this process. It’s very common for business owners to get bogged down in the day to day running of their brand and these days help my clients
re-group and ensure their business stays on track for growth.


The best person to talk to your customer about your brand, is you. People buy from people – I am not in the business of ensuring I am ‘indispensable’ to my clients – on the contrary, I would rather work with clients to educate them and train them so they can grow their business from the inside, out. I offer half and full day training on social media management, blogging, CMS training, newsletter creation and other bespoke, interactive learning days.



If you are a start-up right at the beginning of your branding journey, or looking to re-brand to more accurately represent where your business is at right now, I can help. Taking a 360-approach I can help you hone your brand identity, define who your ideal customer would be and find your tone of voice that speaks to your target audience. Ensuring your brand is effectively talking to your customers about your services, products and ethos is my passion and a project journey I love to go on with clients. I work with graphic designers, brand consultants and illustrators to create a truly bespoke experience for clients – catering to any budget.


Website design

Website design vs. website development is like comparing an interior designer to a builder. I am an experienced website designer – helping clients plan the functionality their site will need and the user experience (UX) – this is about the experience a visitor has while on your site, what makes them stay on the site and engage and ultimately buy from you. I work on how to maximize and facilitate their experience. I use a trusted team of web and app developers to actually build the framework and functionality to ensure the site not only looks beautiful but functions seamlessly, too.


I offer an ongoing site maintenance service at an affordable monthly retainer rate for existing clients to ensure their site is constantly optimized and updated.


Google may be a customer’s first interact with your brand – what do your Google results and ranking say about you? Are customers seeing an accurate snapshot of your business? Are they seeing you at all?


Creating regular, optimized content for your site takes time, dedication, and focus. There is no point creating content that doesn’t work hard for your business – reaching new potential clients, positioning you as an industry influencer or building brand awareness. To be able to create content that does all that takes skill, experience and technical ability. Many clients thought they had ‘blogging’ covered, until I showed them how much harder their online content could be working for them. From newsletters to video content, podcasts and animations – I can present to you a content strategy that lifts your brand off the (web) page and grabs a customer’s attention.


SEO is not a one-hit wonder. It is fundamental to get you visible online, else you might as well be shouting into the darkness, but it isn’t something to be done and then forgotten about. With the advent of ‘voice search’ comes a whole new dawn of ‘natural language’ SEO – gone are the days of thinking of SEO in terms of ‘keywords’, we now need to think how people are going to be searching for the products and services you offer and ensure your business is at the forefront of those search results.



70% of people research a business online before visiting it, so even if you’re not an e-commerce business there is no excuse to not optimize your online presence.


If you are an e-commerce brand, I have experience in writing product copy, lookbooks and brochures/catalogues as well as directing photo and video shoots for retail brands. I can create e-commerce capabilities on existing sites and link this to a CMS (customer management system), working alongside logistics and customer service teams. I also specialize in m-commerce; in 2016 mobile purchases (m-commerce) was up 35% - is your site optimized for mobile purchases? If not I can talk you through the process to ensure you are not missing out on this growing trend.


Social media is another area many small businesses try to ‘tackle’ alone. I whole-heartedly believe that the person behind those little square or 140 characters should be the ‘voice of the brand’, however bringing in someone such as myself who has experience and up-to-date knowledge of social media marketing will ensure that your social media presence enhances your customer service, engagement and brand reach. I can help with growing your audience, organically to ensure your followers are relevant and engaged. I also provide ongoing support to create native content across all social media platforms, linking this into a strategic SEO plan for a truly 360 approach. I run multi-channel social marketing ad campaigns for clients – both B2B and B2C – advising which platforms will work hardest for your business. With all social media work I provide monthly growth analysis reports to my clients, constantly evaluation reach and engagement to ensure your time and energy in the right channels, reaching your customers efficiently.



Creating a 360 marketing campaign that has synergy and continuity across multiple platforms and media takes planning and management. Is your latest blog post being promoted fully? Could your video content be re-purposed as a podcast and sent out via email? Having someone look across all your marketing opportunities and ensuring they are working together on a laser-vision campaign will guarantee you a more efficient and impactful marketing approach – translating to healthy business growth.

Whether you are looking to build a brand in 2020 that reflects your business goals; find a voice that speaks to your customers or set your business apart in a crowded online market - get in touch now for a free informal chat to see how Lydia Mansi Media could benefit your business from £399pm >>

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