Launching Lydia Mansi Digital Content and Marketing Consultancy

I thought adding a blog element to the website would help me share advice, tips, cheatsheets and explain a little bit more about what I can offer as a digital content and marketing consultant. After 14 years in the media industry I hope that some small kernels of wisdom will be worth sharing; plus I get to ramble on each week about a subject that I find truly exciting, innovative and inspiring - luckily I get to call it my job too!

I will be covering the basics to start with - why would your business need a marketing consultant? How can social media help my business grow? Is my website working its hardest for me? What does my 'online presence' mean, and how it is affecting my business?

I also share 'Monday Quick Tips' on IGTV specifically to help e-comm independent businesses with their digital marketing, branding and social media.

If you've got any burning questions, or would like a free, informal chat about these topics in relation to your business, get in touch -

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