Why does my business need a digital marketing consultant?

If 'Digital Content and Marketing' is a scary, foreign field to you - this post might help. I thought I'd outline what it is exactly a 'Digital Content and Marketing' consultant might be able to do for you as a business, as it's the most common question I get asked! Then specifically tell you why clients work with me. It's a BIG industry and the list of services and areas of expertises are growing and changing month on month, this is just meant to be an overview to give you an idea of whether it's something that could help your business thrive.

Digital content

This title covers a multitude of sins. In essence, it looks at how your business is represented and promoted online. That could be your website, social media channels - written, visual, multimedia... successfully honing the ‘voice’ of your brand that both reflects what you do and appeals to your target audience is an art. Identifying your target audience in itself is a crucial step! Whether it’s a complete website re-write, marketing copy or help to make your products pop – I can help you find that voice. I also specialize in creating regular SEO content for new and emerging brands to help improve their online visibility within their industry.

SEO analysis and management

Getting your business to stand out from the competition online is what I do. I can complete an industry and competitor appraisal and assess the best ‘Keywords’ and 'natural language Key Phrases' to help you become a leader in your market-place. These can then form the basis of a targeted SEO restructure of your site and ongoing SEO content strategy to ensure continued top-level exposure.

Marketing lists

Before you can sell your products and services - you need an audience. It's not about growing a volume of email addresses, but cultivating and nurturing a list of individuals that are engaged and interested in what it is you have to offer. Driven through social-media marketing, Google Ad Words, Lead Pages and other marketing streams - I can help grow your marketing lists organically to improve sales potential and brand awareness.

Newsletter campaigns

Contacting existing or potential customers direct to their inbox needs a personal approach. No one wants to be spammed with lots of 'sell, sell, sell' pushy emails. It's ineffectual for one, but also reflects badly on you as a business. You need to create brand value, demonstrate a need for what you are offering and only then provide your customers with the solution - you. I can design, automate and write regular newsletters to your database that will do exactly that.

Site analytics

It's not all about the UVs, which a lot of businesses get hung up about. Looking deeply at your visitor's journey through your site will help you understand engagement and help increase conversion rates. They are a powerful tool that needs to be analysed and then strategised effectively.

Social media growth and management

I can create and manage a multi-channel social media strategy that will not only help you engage with your clients and improve customer service but it will increase your brand reach, too. Social media activity helps with Google visibility; Google rewards interactions via social-media channels with higher page rankings.

Marketing literature

Even if you run an online business - offline marketing shouldn't be overlooked. I can create any marketing campaign literature, visuals, brochures or leaflets to support trade events, meetings or partnership opportunities and ensure your branding and ‘voice’ is consistent and engaging both online and off.

So, why do brands chose to work with me specifically?

1. Many directors and business owners want to spend their time more effectively. Rather than blinding posting away on social media with no clear strategy, or sporadically uploading content to their site because they feel ‘they should’ - they want to focus their energies on ‘the bigger picture’. To do that, they employ me as a trusted, experienced marketing consultant to help them grow the brand they’ve created.

2. Writing is an art. Bad copy will not only fail to get you noticed on Google, but will also reflect poorly on your brand. Employing someone like me, with over a decade’s experience with print and digital content, you are assured of the highest quality content for your business.

3. I can provide a ‘one-stop shop’ – project managing web development, branding work, multimedia content (audio, photo and video) and PR exposure. This ‘360 approach’ helps ensures brand continuity and the most cost-effective approach.

4. Sometimes, especially with small, independent brands, they need a fresh pair of eyes to help create a clear campaign or vision for their brand. I can offer that impartial, expert advice and support when you need it.

5. Unlike many larger agencies I can offer a flexible, affordable package for all business budgets.

6. I am constantly learning. I attend regular training courses, workshops and seminars to ensure I am using the most up-to-date marketing techniques

What now?

I hope that gives you an overview of how we can work together; please get in touch with any questions or to arrange a meeting - I look forward to hearing from you.

Email - lydia@lydiamansi.com | Call - +44 (0)7966802317

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