NEWS: New client - Lala & Bea, British family lifestyle brand

Hurrah! Last week ended on a high; after an exciting meeting in London earlier in the week, Lala & Bea retained my services to help them optimise their e-commerce site, lend a hand with their marketing structure and campaigns running up to Christmas and consult on an exciting new launch coming this winter.

I couldn't be happier. When I launched my own consultancy I built my business model to appeal to brands just like Lala & Bea - independent start-ups or growing businesses run by strong, ambitious, inspiring people.

Lala & Bea fits the bill and then some, they're an ethical, British made family lifestyle brand - designed and made in the UK, how beautiful are these merino wool hats?

Co-founders Katie & Caroline launched with the blueprint of producing sustainable, ethical and eco conscious products. Meeting them over brunch, they are so passionate about wanting to ensure that not only people are paid fairly for the products they make but also that their eco credientials are spot on, too.

I am lusting after this beautiful grey and yellow snuggle blanket for my sofa:

Their clients believe in supporting British heirloom brands - investing in pieces that can last and be past down through siblings - although their ingenious organic cotton 'design your own pjs' are most definitely something that all the brood will want a pair of!

I am so thankful that I get to work with clients that I genuinely love; it sparks my creatively and makes the late nights, constant 'working mum' juggle worth it!

If you're a small independent brand and want to chat about how I could help your business grow, give me a call (07966802317) or drop me a line (

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