Lydia Mansi, announced as brand ambassador for Badd Karma, UK yogawear brand

I can proudly announce that I have been asked by Somerset-based, yogawear brand Badd Karma to become a brand ambassador - a 'baddassador' if you will.

The fact that I'm not an Instagrammable, bendy, 20-something Antipodean/Cali babe is exactly the point. Founder, Kate Foster is planning to do amazing things to promote inclusion and diversity in yoga - whether that's through body shape, size, gender, orientation or ethnicity. All through the medium of beautiful, organic cotton, hand-screen printed yoga vests, tees and sweatshirts.

I've been practising for nearly 20 years and have often felt I wasn't bendy, skinny or 'zen' enough to call myself a 'yogi'. But I love it - it stills me and empowers me in equal measures and has helped me massively overcome my grief and anxiety. I get on the mat every day - for a 15-min hard and fast vinyasa flow, or for a longer, deeper practise - and that's what makes me a yogi. Not whether I can concertina myself into shapes that resemble an origami napkin (note: I can't).

So I want to help other people who haven't tapped into the AMAZINGNESS of yoga because they feel intimidated or like 'yoga isn't for them'. Yoga is for everybody. And every body. I will be working with Kate to help provide more visibility for 'everyday, kickass yogis' and promote the amazing social initiative work the brand is doing...

Besides supporting diversity in yoga, Kate's vision for the brand is to partner with charities who promote social inclusion by offering services or support that helps people belong and self-develop; where possible, offering yoga/meditation to those who would not otherwise be able to access it (due to cost, mobility, mental health, serious illness etc).

To achieve these amazing goals Badd Karma needs to reach its Kickstarter target to get the first limited collection of yoga wear into production - you can find out more and pre-order your out-spoken, kickass garms here.

You can read more about my yoga story here.

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