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Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

I would like to move my email marketing to Mailchimp.

A fresh new look

I am already using an email marketing platform for my regular newsletters but would like a professional suite of templates designed for me to use.

A helping hand

I am using email marketing to send newsletters but know I can be doing more
to build engagement with my customers and help increase sales.

Mailchimp Migration

As a Mailchimp Partner agency we fulfil 19 brands’ email marketing needs; both
on a weekly newsletter basis but also their email automations, such as welcome emails, abandoned carts, re-engagement series and more to drive ongoing revenue. We can migrate your database from your existing platform and unlock
a whole range of functionality, providing you with ready-to-use templates,
or manage your campaigns on an ongoing basis.

A Great Fit For



Brands frustrated by the design and functionality restrictions of their existing email marketing platform who want to move to Mailchimp.



As a Mailchimp Partner agency we fulfil 19 brands’ email marketing needs; we have an in-house team of talented copy-writers and graphic designers who can design and build you a professional suite of templates to use in your email marketing.

A Great Fit For



Brands who want to run their own email marketing in-house, but need the foundations to create beautiful, on-brand designs.

a fresh new look

mailchimp makeove

As a Mailchimp Partner agency we fulfil 19 brands’ email marketing needs - including writing, designing and building up to a dozen email automations that are triggered by your customers’ engagement with your brand. Whether it’s an onboarding series to welcome them into your community, an abandoned cart email or re-engagement series to connect with previous customers. We can offer a full-service package with our in-house team of copywriters and graphic designers to generate you ongoing, automated revenue, as well as improve your customer engagement rate.

A Great Fit For



Those who have an email database but are not utilising it to its full potential.

helping hand

Mailchimp flows

Not quite what you need? Visit our full service menu here, or get in touch to chat about your needs

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