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Our Values

The Mission: To build businesses that people want to buy into, not from 

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Empowering, not gatekeeping

If you owned a bricks and mortar store and had to pay someone every time you wanted to put stock out on the rails, or change the window display - that would be mad, right?


We think owning an online store should be just as straight forward.

OUR PROMISE: Clear, easy-to-use websites with in-depth training and a responsive team that will always answer those ‘stupid questions' so you feel confident in running your online business. 

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Communication and honesty

So many clients have been left in the dark by agencies they’ve worked with. Not sure what they’re getting for their money and bamboozled by acronyms and scaremongered by big words to justify big bills.


We will always be honest with you about what we can achieve.


OUR PROMISE: To clearly and openly sharing our expert thoughts on what’s best for your business, even if it’s not best for ours - yes, we do turn down new clients if we don’t think we can truly benefit and grow their business.

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Support and kindness

Being a business owner is the scariest thing you can do.


No one works harder or feels more passionately about what they do and we know you’re doing your best, but it can lonely sometimes.


OUR PROMISE: To approach everything we do with kindness and to support you in any way we can, by your side through the highs and lows of this crazy little thing called ‘business’.

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Boundaries and health

Finally, there are some golden rules at LM Media to ensure the whole team is striking the right balance between work and play. A zero out-of-hours email policy, flexible working hours to fit around family life and a supportive all-female team that love geeking out together over all things marketing, coding and design.


A true force that together can achieve amazing things. 

LM Media, creating memorable marketing for remarkable brands

Want to join us in 2024?

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