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Why brands work with us


Edwina & Johanna



Our day with Lydia was so insightful and helpful. Lots of the information was new to us but was presented clearly and comprehensively. We left feeling enthused, inspired and excited by her suggestions. An invaluable experience for all small businesses, would thoroughly recommend.

Kate Howells



Lydia is not only a fountain of knowledge, at the forefront of current technology and best practice, she makes the journey for both you as a company and your customers become accessible and achievable. She has a talent for insight into your company data and works with you to provide an up-to-date, well thought through experience for your customers. Lydia will help you retain your customers as well as grow your audience, she understands brand, communication and is an all-round guru.


Nadia Williams



LM Media provided energy and focus to revive my brand, and create a fantastic new website which attracted international orders within a day of launching! Lydia and her team are phenomenal and made the process really enjoyable.

Salvesen Graham



Our time with Lydia was very insightful and positive. Her understanding of our business was evident through her tailored presentations and the ability to consistently link this research to help put in place achievable short- and long-term marketing goals. We left her workshop feeling very inspired.


Vickie El-Rayyes 



Lydia has a unique talent for really getting to the heart of the matter; she is a truly inspirational individual and is helping me transform Dilli Grey from a business into the brand I had always envisaged!

Liz Arriens



We are delighted to work with Lydia as she has vast experience in the beauty and media industry, is a technical whizz and has lots of experience and passion for helping to develop small, independent brands.


Chloe Hodgson



Lydia and her team have been amazing! Lydia always knows exactly what I like, she always comes up with brilliant ideas and presents them to me and I always think they are perfect! She has completely rebranded my business, and designed and built me a brand-new website that we both feel very proud of. Working with her has been nothing but brilliant in every way!

Seb Shelley



We've worked with Lydia and her team for many years. They're brimming with enthusiasm, bubbling with ideas and they bring a huge wealth of knowledge in more areas than we could have hoped for; we couldn't have got to where we are without them. They were recommended to us, and we would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone else.


Fiona Hodges



Lydia and her dynamic team are wonderful to work with. Her recommendations come with attention to detail and are very much data driven. Thank you team Mansi for bringing such inspiration to the table.

Luisa Kelsey



Lydia has a wealth of knowledge and spending the day with her was fascinating, there was so much to take in. We were delighted to be given a detailed document we can refer back to and we have already started working on Lydia’s ideas and strategies to start growing Luisa Kelsey. We can’t wait to see the results. 


Jess Rogers



Since working with Lydia I now distribute content weekly, have a strong marketing strategy and I've started producing video content - something I was always afraid to do! My database has more than doubled and I feel more grounded and confident in my business.

Francesca Sharvell



Lydia and her team have been absolutely brilliant. Lydia’s marketing and editorial background has been invaluable and the team’s knowledge and guidance have been spot on. They are very proactive, reliable and always enthusiastic. We highly recommend their services. Working with LM Media is such a delight and we look forward to many more years working together!


Anastasia Buisman



You and your team are a dream to work with. Always patient, calm and super helpful. Thank you again for all your hard work. 

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